10 Ton Grip Truck   not available any longer   sold off

420.00/day + fuel & .35 per mile
400 Cummins w/ Sleeper, Twin Screw, 13 Speed Transmision
Full Jockey Boxes/ Full Work Lighting 28 Ft. Box . Waltco Lift Gate, Air Cond.


Listed Below is on Truck & Included
In Truck Price.
At  No Additional Charge


Listed below is on Truck
On an as Used Basis  w/ Charge

20- Century Stands w Heads & Arms


Motorola WalkieTalkies on request

2- Hi-Hi Rollers with 4.5 Heads


Duvetyn 30  Yard Roll

4- Medium Rollers w 4.5 Heads


31- Rolls of Rosco  Gel &  Diffusion

9- Aluminum Reflector Combo Stands


6ea 48x96 Black or White Foamcore

6- Steel Reflector Combo Stands


2ea  48x48  Half & Quarter Silks

4- 42x42  Shinny Boards   (silver )


4ea 4ft & 2ft Kino Flo Cart w/ all Tubes

2- Medium Walkers   w - 4.5 Heads


8ea Show Cards 32x40 Blk-Wht.Gold

4- Medium Roller Stands


4-  6ft Nylon Folding Tables

8- Beefy  Baby  Roller  Stands


1- Matthews Full Size Western Dolly

8- Beefy Baby Stands


Black & White & N-D Dulling Sprays

1- Matthews Grip (Taco)  Cart  Loaded


1- 20x20  Set With Frame & Special Rags

8ea  Apple Boxes  Full, Halfs Qtr & 1/8th.


1- 8x8 Set w/frame & Many Special Rags

4  Butt  Plugs  1-1/4  to  5/8


1- Extra  12x12  Set  with Frame

6ea C-ClampswSpuds Small.Med.& Lrg.


1- 12x12 1/2 Sail Cloth & Soft Frost

50- 20lb. Sandbags &  Some  Shot Bags


1- 12x12  Ultra Bounce & Griffolyn

8ea  Baby & Senior Nail on Plates


1- 12 x12  Green &  Blue Screen

Several Offset  Arms  Baby & Senior


Many  Many  12x12  Special Rags

8- Baby & Senior  Pipe Hangers


6- Sheets ¾  4x8 Plywood  nice stuff

10  42x42  Bare  Frames


Sheets DUO-FLEX (Lou-On) Dance Floor

4- Chain Grips W- Spuds


1000H Clear Print Trace 48” & 72”

Full Lumber Rack on an as Used


211- 212 -213…Enlarger Globes

2 Speed C-Clamps w/  Speed Rail


Blue Photo Floods   250w & 500w

6- 4.5 Grip Heads


Full Work Box w/ Fuses Zip Cord, Etc.

2- Case Wedges & 1 Cribbing


Aluminum Pipe in All Sizes

12ft  of Rubber Matting to Cover Cable


48x96 Bead Board Backed with Foamcore

10   42x42   Bare  Gel Frames


Rope, Nails, Screws, Glues, Paints, Etc.

4ea 48x48   Blacks. Nets  & Silks


Full Electrical Workbox Built in Truck

1  16ft Aluminum Extension  Ladder


1- Matthews Standard Crank-o-vator

1ea 10ft  8ft  6ft  & 3ft Fiberglass Ladders


1- Matthews Low Boy Crank-o-vator

8- Nylon Slings w Shackles for rigging


1- Matthews Electric Cine-o-vator

4- 5Ft. Rubber Mats (To Cover Cable)


Full Lumber Rack w/ Lumber

4- Shovels Round & Square Point


Kino Flo & Luma line extra looms & Rigs

1- 12x12   Over Head Set


Rope Lighting, w/ Kino 4ft & 2ft Harness

1- 8x8 & 1 6x6 Over Head Set


Variacs & Electronic Dimmers on board

6ea 24x36 Flags, Silk Dbls & Sngl Nets


1- Roll Black Duvetyn (25 yard roll )

6ea 18x24 Flags, Silk Dbls. & Sngl.Nets


 Folding Chairs & Tables  upon request

6 ea 12x18 Flags, Silk Dbls & Sngl.Nets


1- Full Finger & Dot Set w/flex arms

6ea Cartellini  & Maffer Clamps w Spuds


6ea 1 & 2K Electronic Dimmers

4- 4" 6" & 8 '' C-Clamps w/ Spuds


Many, Many Types of Variacs 1 thru 3K

6- Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamps


Climbing Rope &  Rigging Rope

6- Furniture Blankets or Sound Pads


Black Wrap all sizes

4- 4.5  Grip Heads   (Lollipops)


1000w Special Neon Sign Dimmers

4- 42x42 Reflector Boards (silver)


 Pipe Fittings  W-Ends & Connectors

2   ATG  Tape Guns


Spare Kino Flow Wire Looms

5  24" &  12" Bar Clamps w/ Spuds


1- Tape Roll Set Gaffers/ Paper  & All

4ea  C-Clamps w-Spuds  4 inch   6 inch
and  8 inch    and  w  1-1/4  Female type


An Adequate Amount of Power Cable
Tie-Ins, Paddle Boxes, Etc. To do Job

1- Large Ice Chest, 2 Bags Clothes Pins


Full Selection of Show Time Colored Gels

4- Axle Stakes &   10lb Sledge Hammer


Green & Blue Screen Raw Material on Bolt

 1  12ft  Pole Cat


We can Build Anything out of Speed Rail

12ea   Grip Clips # 1  #2   &   # 3


All Car Mount Equip. Upon Request

10- Rachet Straps w/ s Hooks & Plain


2- Full   5ft  Sections of Scaffolding w-   Walk  Plank  and  Braces

1- Large Matthews  Grip Cart  Loaded


Painter Drop Cloths to Cover Floors…and  Furniture Pads