3.5 Ton Grip Truck

 We  are Dealers for ... Matthews, Chimera, Rosco, Kino Flo, Litepanel, Mole Richardson, EZ Jib, Modern Studio Equipment, LEE, Strand..  Dealer for Just to name a few..

1 Ton 225.00  or  3 Ton 275.00  per day + Fuel & Mileage @ .35 per mile.......

There is more gear on this  3 Ton  package  than most 5 Ton Trucks


Listed Below is on Truck & Included
In Truck Price.
At No Additional Charge


Listed below is on Truck
On an as Used Basis

12    C / Stands w    Heads & Arms 60"  Matthews Spring Loaded Bases


     30 Rolls of Rosco Gel & Diffusion at 9.00 per ft.    if cut off roll

8   Aluminum  4- Steel Combo Stands   HD Stands & Lite weight


   Ronford Sticks & Hi Hat 75mm N/C on Truck

2   42x42 Silver Shiny Boards with Pivoting Yokes & Brakes..


Tape Roll Set B/W Paper & Gaffers ect.

2  Medium Rollers &  2 Medium Walkers   with 4.5 heads


8ea  Show Cards   Gold  Silver &  B/W

4ea  Medium Rollers w  4.5 heads


Large Bags  of  Duvetyne    5ft & 6ft pieces used    N/C 

6ea  Baby Beefy Stands


Many Variac & Electronic Dimmers

6ea   Baby Beefy Roller Stands  2  Speed C-Clamps w  2'  4'  &  6ft   Speed Alu. Rail we mount any width


An adequate amount of Power Cable
5 wire banded cable if ordered

4ea   4" 6" 8"  C-Clamps w 5/8 spuds


 3M ATG  Tape Guns  & Tape

2   Hi-Hi  Stands w 4.5 Grip Heads 14ft high...w rockymtn..leg..


Real Glass Mirrors 42x42 mounted on back of  old  Shiny Boards with Pivoting Yokes and Brakes. ask will put on 25.ea

6ea   4.5 Grip heads ( Lolly Pops) & 10 Standard Gripheads 5 small arms


We have several Camera Sliders..always have one on all Grip Trucks..on an as used basis

4ea   Chain  and  4 Vice Grips w Spuds


We Squeegee  N/D  Windows in Minutes..w all squeegees & tools

6ea   Baby Pipe Hangers  &  2 Senior


1000H Traceing Paper  48" & 72" Rolls  always on any Truck

1ea    8ft   6ft  &  3ft  Fiberglass Ladders


Full Selection of Show Time Colored Gel..Red.Blue.Green.ect.

12ea   Spring Clamps  #1  and  #2


4ea  Foamcore  Black or White 48x96  Full Sheets  4x8 ft

6   Baby  2 Senior Nail on plates


I usually carry a 1800 ARRI Baby Max Par.  on an as Used basis.  just ask

12   Traffic Cones


Many Tungsten Lights    on an as used

2  32x32   6  42x42   Bare Frames  


4x4  Plywood  4x8 on as ordered

1   12x12   Overhead Set and  Frame


25  Yards of Duvetyne on Bolt as used

1   6x6   Butterfly Set  and  Frame


Photo Floods 250w  500w Blue or 32k  BBC..BBA..BBA.. ect

1   8x8 Overhead Set and Frame


Enlarger Globes 211-212-213 & others most all wattage sizes

4ea  48x48  Floppy Flags..Nets & Silks


1ea  Roll of  Visqueen   Black or Clear  50ft x 20ft Rolls

6ea  Cardellini  6 Maffer Clamps  w-spuds.  and  Mini Cardellini's 


Dulling Spray & N-D Sprays  B & W they freeze in winter so ask, to put on Truck

6ea   24x36 Flags, Double & Single Nets


1  12x12 Blue or Green Screen

6ea   18x24 Flags, Double & Single Nets


GoPro heads rigs,mini cardellini. w 1/4 20 threads..all GoPro Rigs

6ea   12x18 Flags, Double & Single Nets


1  EZ Jib Arm  and Sticks with Weights  150.00  Totally on an as used basis

4ea  Apple Boxes  Full, Halfs, Qtr &  8th


All the Special Rags for 12x12 & 8x8  Full & Half Soft Frost..Ultra..Gold or Silver..ect

20   20Lb Sand Bags and a few Shot Bags


Dana Dolly Camera Slider with 6ft  8ft and 12ft  Lenghts of Aluminum Pipe

4x4 Bare Frames w  Opal  or 216, 251, 250,  N/C  for use,  unless damaged 


1/2 Soft Frost & Ultra Bounce 12 & 8 6x6 & 4x4  Blue & Greenscreens 

1   Kino Cart  If Kino Flo's  are ordered


Black Popup Tent 10x10 w/side curtains

 Aluminum Pipe with some Fittings N/C   comes on Truck Package


Laundry Hampers & Magliners, just ask

2   Low Umbrella Stands & 2 Low Premes


Harness Wireing   for Kino Flo's

So Much Rigging can't list it all


Doorway Dolly & Track  w skate wheels

Please call and we can  talk over your special needs,  Like Tables & Chairs... Heaters...Walkie Talkies...Honda Generators...Ice Chests..Green Screen any size.. ect. We will bring it to you in the Grip Truck....And if you want that Run & Gun Grip Driver. I have great qualified ones that have been with me for years..